Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Back from the dead! (and M.A.S.K. kicks ass!)

Yes, I'm back from the dead. I was missing the whole month. I had measels..the SECOND time in my life, dun ask me why, but I just did. That made me realise my health's vulnerability from this highly stressful life of mine. So I took some time to be sick and chilled the F**K out and did some re-energizing and lots of thinking.

All this thinking also made realise I'm not getting any younger & hence I need to chill out sometimes and take things easy. Speaking of age, I saw this on youtube and I nearly teared watching it. It brings back SO much memories and I still know the words to the song. 80's babies and peeps my generation will know this shit is HOT! Check it out!

So anyways folks, yo' boi is back, sorry for the delay, but I'm back at the office! Business As Usual! Holla!


Babydoll said...

Me too! im back from the dead :)

DJ Switch said...

MASK .... wow about G.I JOE or Silver Hawk ?!